Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 more weeks

The count down has started and we are gearing up for the birthday madness. I am so excited to finally stop having to say Josephs age in months. I always have to count out how many month is has been since he was born and some times I just blurt out a number, I get so confused when people are like oh my child is 16 months I sit there and count in my head uh just tell me that they are one or two, I don't go around saying oh I am 274 months old (yes I took the calculator out and did the math). On another note Joseph finally has two teeth, yes that is right he cut his two first teeth at the same time. They are the bottom front ones, and I must say he was really good about it I thought there was going to be a whole bunch of screaming and no sleeping but he got two ear infections and slept most of the time. He was super clingy but very well behaved. There was a list I had made for Joseph to do before his 1st birthday, get teeth and walk, he has the teeth now we are working on the walking. He is almost walking by himself I think maybe by his birthday he will do it, I think this because he is starting to dance and when he does this he lets go of what ever he is holding and balances for like 30 seconds or so than he grabs on again, very soon I have a feeling of it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

update Joseph is now 11 months and we are gearing for the birthdays....that is right I said birthdayS Joseph will have three. One with my family in Seattle, one with Brian's family in Modesto, and than one with just Brian me and Joseph. I am so excited for all three, the one up in Seattle will have a monkey theme so we are pretty much going to make it look like the jungle spit up all over my mom's house. Than John Deere theme for Modesto, Caryn my wonderful sister inlaw is making the invitations and we are still hammering out all the details. The celebration with just Brian, me, and Joseph is going to be nice and simple maybe a trip to Santa Barbra who knows.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, I hope every one had a merry Christmas too. We had three Christmas, one with my family who came down to see us, one with just Brian, Me, and Joseph, and than we went to Brian's families house for our last Christmas. Joseph did so good he has started to crawl every where and pull himself up so I didn't think he would sit still but you gave him ribbon and he would just sit there. Joseph only wanted to unwrapped every one else presents but his own. But all in all it was a great first Christmas and I can not wait till next year when he really gets in to it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Brian is home he has been here for about two weeks and we are loving having him home. Joseph and him are still getting use to each other, it's funny I thought that is was going to be an easier transition but I have come to realize that though mommies have a baby sense daddies don't always get their right away. But we are working on it and Joseph is slowly but surely allowing Brian to do things for him.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just thought this was a super cute picture

Friday, October 15, 2010

This last weekend we went up to visit Brian's family for his dads 60th birthday, and we had so much fun. Joseph wore a sailor outfit in honor of his papa being in the navy and every one just loved him and wanted to hold him. I had fun going through Brian's baby pictures oh man I am going to have to admit it Joseph looks just like Brian when he was little I am so sad I really wanted him to look like me and only me, oh well. Joseph enjoyed his auntie and cousins and his uncle Bryan finally got to hold him last time we were there Bryan was sick so he had to stay far away, it was funny to see Caryn and Bryan fight over who Joseph liked the most, I am going to have to go with Caryn since she held him the most. (baby hog) I also got to enjoy a trip to Barns and nobles where I could stay all day and night, it was just Caryn, me, and Joseph almost no kids and we got some Starbucks coffee we were floating on cloud nine. This last weekend was a lot of fun and it showed me that Joseph is the biggest flirt ever. Oh and Brian will be home in about two weeks and I am just so excited I am cleaning the house every day just in case he comes home early and I already have both our outfits picked out to go and pick him up at the air port I am so excited.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We made it, the trip took us four day, three meltdowns, and 11 new family member, but we made it on time to get our house and settle in to it. Joseph was so well behave for the most part in the car he had a couple melt downs but he did so much better than I thought he was going to do. Jerry did great he behave the whole time he loved it at my grandpa John's house all that land to run around on and the sheep to bark at, and than he liked his grandma and grandpa's house with another dog he was in heave even if the other dog didn't really like him he didn't care. I am loving my house and how well it is coming together already, I have a only a couple of boxes left and I am shocked that I forgot just how much stuff we had store and how now we have like a double of everything. Joseph is loving having his own room and yes he has been sleeping in it for the most part. We started off so good in the new house than a couple of days ago Joseph started having a green and yellow nose drip and so I had to take him to the doctor which it turns out is the same ped's doctor that was at the hospital the night Abigail past away and worked tirelessly on her. It is a small world but she had some bad news for me again Joseph had his first ear infection in his right ear it wasn't too bad we had caught it early and he should be better in three days. All I could think was uh new house, I'm by myself, I have so many errands to run and now I think those millions of thing I needed to do has now become one thing get Joseph better so I can walk out of a room with out him and him not cry. So we had a rough night the first night and now we are getting better and I can walk out of a room for a good minute which is like heaven to me right now. Oh and on a happy note Brian has 18 more day till he get to come home and let me tell you we are all looking forward to that day (there are alot of spiders in the house and I do not do spiders)