Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting your already jealous dog ready for a new baby. I wanted to make sure that the experience of a new baby coming would be good every one that includes Jerry dog, but he is not taking to it so well. Pugs are very people dogs meaning they would rather be around people than other dogs, so I looked up how to introduce your dog to a new baby and it all sound really easy. You just start setting things out that the baby will use, start with little stuff first like clothes, well Jerry loves clothes clean or dirty so I thought great he will love this part. Nope I was wrong he wouldn't go near the clothes I tries having him sniff them, no he just walked off. So next I put the stroller out and he completely avoided it, even when I pushed it around he ran off. And to make the situation worse Joseph kicks him every time he comes near my belly, Jerry was laying on my lap (which is half belly) and Joseph just gave him a good one two and let him know he was there. So now Jerry wont go any where near my belly he avoids it like it is the plague. And Jerry has begun to snuggle right up to me when he sleeps, like if I move a little bit away from him he will scoot right next to me, which he never did before. Jerry would snuggle with Brian but not with me, on the couch Brian, in the bed Brian, which wouldn't be bad but he sleeps like 90% of a day, I think he knows something is up. Now I am just waiting it out Brian said he will do just fine as soon as the baby comes but I know I am going to have to map out time in my day just for a snuggle with Jerry.

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  1. Poor Jerry! Matty was our baby before we had any babies and she is still ok - it can be done! Hopefully he will do ok until Buddy comes home!