Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Brian is home he has been here for about two weeks and we are loving having him home. Joseph and him are still getting use to each other, it's funny I thought that is was going to be an easier transition but I have come to realize that though mommies have a baby sense daddies don't always get their right away. But we are working on it and Joseph is slowly but surely allowing Brian to do things for him.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just thought this was a super cute picture

Friday, October 15, 2010

This last weekend we went up to visit Brian's family for his dads 60th birthday, and we had so much fun. Joseph wore a sailor outfit in honor of his papa being in the navy and every one just loved him and wanted to hold him. I had fun going through Brian's baby pictures oh man I am going to have to admit it Joseph looks just like Brian when he was little I am so sad I really wanted him to look like me and only me, oh well. Joseph enjoyed his auntie and cousins and his uncle Bryan finally got to hold him last time we were there Bryan was sick so he had to stay far away, it was funny to see Caryn and Bryan fight over who Joseph liked the most, I am going to have to go with Caryn since she held him the most. (baby hog) I also got to enjoy a trip to Barns and nobles where I could stay all day and night, it was just Caryn, me, and Joseph almost no kids and we got some Starbucks coffee we were floating on cloud nine. This last weekend was a lot of fun and it showed me that Joseph is the biggest flirt ever. Oh and Brian will be home in about two weeks and I am just so excited I am cleaning the house every day just in case he comes home early and I already have both our outfits picked out to go and pick him up at the air port I am so excited.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We made it, the trip took us four day, three meltdowns, and 11 new family member, but we made it on time to get our house and settle in to it. Joseph was so well behave for the most part in the car he had a couple melt downs but he did so much better than I thought he was going to do. Jerry did great he behave the whole time he loved it at my grandpa John's house all that land to run around on and the sheep to bark at, and than he liked his grandma and grandpa's house with another dog he was in heave even if the other dog didn't really like him he didn't care. I am loving my house and how well it is coming together already, I have a only a couple of boxes left and I am shocked that I forgot just how much stuff we had store and how now we have like a double of everything. Joseph is loving having his own room and yes he has been sleeping in it for the most part. We started off so good in the new house than a couple of days ago Joseph started having a green and yellow nose drip and so I had to take him to the doctor which it turns out is the same ped's doctor that was at the hospital the night Abigail past away and worked tirelessly on her. It is a small world but she had some bad news for me again Joseph had his first ear infection in his right ear it wasn't too bad we had caught it early and he should be better in three days. All I could think was uh new house, I'm by myself, I have so many errands to run and now I think those millions of thing I needed to do has now become one thing get Joseph better so I can walk out of a room with out him and him not cry. So we had a rough night the first night and now we are getting better and I can walk out of a room for a good minute which is like heaven to me right now. Oh and on a happy note Brian has 18 more day till he get to come home and let me tell you we are all looking forward to that day (there are alot of spiders in the house and I do not do spiders)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Moving day is here and I am so nerves but excited at the same time, today I move out of my apartment and tomorrow me, my dad, Joseph, and Jerry dog start our long drive down to CA. We will stop in Oregon for Friday night at my grandpa's house and than on Saturday drive down to Sacramento were Brian's parents will meet us and my dad will hop on a plane. From there we will stay for a night in Modesto and drive down to Lompoc on Sunday and than on Monday I get my house. Writing it down right now makes it seem like Monday will never come but I am going to take it day by day. I am not worried about Jerry he was great on the way up here, but I am a little worried about Joseph he is starting to tolerate the car better, he really only has a problem if he is hungry. I it's a little disappointing that this is my four time moving and each time Brian has not been able to help (lucky man) I hate to move and I hate to drive so I am probably going to be crabby, but on the bright side for this move I have decided to go off my diet so I will be eating "comfort" food so maybe I wont be so crabby.

My brother came over to help load up the truck this morning and Joseph wasn't up yet so Tyler decide he need to go back to bed till Joseph was ready to get up

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is Joseph laughing I tried to get his face but it was really hard to make him laughing and video tape him

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CA here we come, me, Joseph, and Jerry dog are moving back down to Lompoc, in just a couple weeks and I could not be happier. We got a house on base I have not seen it, but we look at floor planes online, and I can not wait to get down there and make this house our home. It will have two bedrooms, a "dent" (another bedroom), two bathrooms, a big kitchen, and a fenced in back yard for Jerry. I have just about two weeks before I leaving and I have already started to pack, I have 10 boxes so far and am over half way done. I am also excited to get down there because as soon as I get down there I only have a month to wait for my husband to get back. That's right his nine months are almost up and he will be coming back to grace us with his presents. He is so excited and told me I am not allowed to give Joseph cheerios, he wants to be the first to do it that is his only request and so he talks about it all the time, how he will be eating cheerios and can just give Joseph some too. We will be making some big changes and I am hoping Joseph will handle them with easy as he does with mostly everything else. He is such a great baby but has big stranger danger issues, I guess I should be happy, but he has a big problem with new people like he looks at them and than starts to cry and look around for me. I try to laugh it off and tell him it is okay but really I want to grab him and give him a hug and kiss and stop him from crying, it is a hard time for the both of us but we are getting better. So maybe by going down to CA and him meeting new people down there he will get better. I am so excited to start our adventure, though half way thru the drive I am probably not going to be so excited but for now I am EXCITED!!!!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

We love our bath time, soon like next week we will be starting mommy and me swim time, this classes is for 8 months and older but we are going to do it cause this was the only class I could find that work for us and our pretend schedule. I can not wait to see how he does, we went to a wading pool last week and did a little naked dipping (Joseph not me I kept my clothes on for everyone's well being) and he seemed to like it so we will see how well he does.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 months and already 16 pounds and 10 ounces Joseph is a big boy, he rolls over from the his tummy to his back and has started to roll over from his back to his belly though he can not yet get his head over. He drools all time and everything has to go in his mouth, EVERYTHING. He is such a happy baby he loves to lay naked and and squeal/giggle, he warms me heart. We will be starting mommy and me swimming lessons in September I can not wait, I think it will be fun and exciting. Oh and Brian has learned that he should be home by mid October, we skype with him a lot and man Joseph really likes to see and hear his daddy. Joseph also loves going over to grandma and grandpa's house, my parents drop everything when Joseph goes over there, my dad and brother have a calming affect on him, and he loves to snuggle with my mom. My sister has been watch him twice a week for about an hour so I can go and get some stuff done. Joseph has just really started to realize Jerry and loves him, when Joseph is having tummy time Jerry lays down next to him it is super cute and it seems like they are bonding which is great. I am doing fine just living the dream of a stay at home mom, I have no time to myself till Joseph goes to sleep, my clothes are always dirty even if I just put them on, and I having an eating schedule of Joseph, but I am loving every moment and I would not change a thing. Last thing Joseph has been eating rice cereal for about a week now and the doctor said I can start baby food in another week, he is growing up so fast

Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

He is not even 2 months old and is already wearing 6 month onsies. He is a big boy and throws me through hoops every day. Joseph for most of the time loves his tummy time and has a very strong neck. He pees on everything still and now smiles after he does it, which in my book makes it okay cause of the his little smile. I am not liking the grab of anything his little fat hand can grab, I can not wait till he completely realizes that, that is his hand and that is him hit himself. He loves to skype with his dad, I think he is starting recognize Brian's voice, he already knows mine and for the most part stops fussing when I talk to him. We are trying to get on formula and refuse to take it unless he is really hunger and than he will only take 2 ounces which is a little frustrating, but we are working on it and hopefully soon he will be a formula baby. I do not have much to complain about though he sleeps very good at night 3 to 4 hours at a time which is great, so I get a pretty good nights sleep. He truly is a great baby and is growing and progressing so well. On another note Brian is doing fine, wishes he could be home with Joseph but is dealing with it, and is counting down the days till he can come home.

Friday, April 23, 2010

He is here, well he has been here for two weeks Joseph Thomas Contreras came in to the world at a big 8 pounds 11 ounces 20 inches long and with a big fat head of 13 and a quarter. When we left the hospital he was 8 pounds 3 ounces and after his two week check up he is 9 pounds 20 and half inches, and his head is still big and continues to get bigger at 14 and a half. He is so hansom and has lots of hair. Brian is enjoying having a son and has yet to get peed on, me on the other hand I am not so careful and have been peed, pooped, and spit up on. Joseph is such a good baby he fusses only when he wants something and we are not getting it fast enough, other then that he is a peaceful, snugglie baby.

Friday, April 2, 2010

ONE MORE WEEK, that is what all I have till I get to meet my little boy. I am so excited and ready for him to come in to this world. My belly feels like I am bloated all the time and it takes me like 10 minutes to roll over in bed and I have to pee every time I stand up. Oh and Brian will most likely be here to welcome Joseph in to the world, he is leaving his base this Sunday and will hopefully be here by the 8th. Which I am so excited about, I will have all my boys with me I can not wait. I have nested and all is ready for Joseph to come home, and start his life. About a week after Joseph comes home, he will get to meet his other set of grandparents, Brian's parents will be coming up to meet Joseph and hang out for a little bit. I am can not wait to show my little boy off, though do not let that fool you I will not like to share or take turn holding him. Me and Brian have been going back and forth about who is going to get to get to hold him, we might just have to go with a schedule. We will see I am probably going to win since I feed the baby.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


It's Jerry's birthday today he is now a dog not a puppy any more, he turned 1. I have gone out and bought him adult dog food no more puppy chow and he has decided that since he is one now he need two babies to choose from. He has also decided that my new recliner (thanks to my sister) is his and if I am sitting on there I need to make enough room for him to lay down and stretch out. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JERRY

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I went for a 4D ultra sound and Joseph did great, he was posing like crazy. He loves the camera the first 4D picture we got was of his man hood which he learned from his father. The pictures are amazing it's crazy how real life he looked I can not wait to see him, though I am a little and he looks like Brian and not me. Oh and my C-section had been schedules for April 9th 2010 at 8am I can not wait. This is the website that you can look at all Joseph's pictures

Friday, February 26, 2010


I had the best week this week, I got three phone calls from my husband when I was only expecting one. I get like a little girl when I realize that it's him. He called on Monday from Ireland and that was a little weird cause the phone number was 334443 something, than he call on Wednesday from a Minot number which I almost didn't pick up, and than yesterday I got a 1999 number, but no matter the number I have been directed to pick up, cause he could be calling from any number. Brian is now in Afghanistan and will go to his base in the next couple of days to start change over and relieve the people that are already there. He seems so relaxed about all of this, where I am not even the one over there and am still nervous. His only complaint was on Monday were he had to take a cold shower, and yesterday he slept through dinner, can you imagine being over there and your only complaints were that you got a cold shower and missed a dinner. He always asked how I am doing and what's going on, and all I want to talk about is what he is doing and what's going on over there. So a couple things he will be doing that I do not think I could ever do, walking around the villages with no body armor on, this is so the villagers don't feel threatened (I think), eat their food over there, he has to eat with his hands out of the same plate as every one, can you say gross. And really just being over there, his base is not big at all, it does even have a place that they can buy toiletries he is going to have to order them online, but he seems to be looking forward to it, and that's what amazes me the most. But he is not all self less he knows that after he gets back he will have the money to do things to his truck that he really wants to do, and I feel that he deserves it, as long as I get a new couch and bed room set :) So now that I don't know when he is going to cal I have to carry my phone every where but if that means I get a couple of minute to talk to him that's what I will do. Please keep him in your prayers as he starts his adventure (I call it that cause deployment sounds so negative)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a week we have had, everyone had something big happen to them this week. I got to see little Joseph 4pounds 4ounces and he has a big head but if you have seen his dad you wouldn't be surprised :) Jerry had a blind date on Sunday for a pug dance wore a tux and everything he looked so hansom and he had fun, though his date was a little older she tolerated him, than on Friday he got snipped, he is still a man dog just missing some parts but he really doesn't seem to mind all that much. I got to go to GAY bingo and support AIDS foundation, and had the best time every, also it was the latest I have stayed out in a long time. And last but not least Brian boarded his plane today at 1:30pm his time 10:30am my time to go off on his adventure. He called and I asked if he was nervous and he told me no he was just ready to get over there, but that is Brian for you he likes that kind of stuff, I am sad but will just keep pushing on, he is going to try to call he said when he gets off in Ireland, but we don't know if that will happen or not. But from Ireland he goes to some where in Afghanistan and than from there he goes to his little base. So now I just await his call, email, letter, pigeon :) Um but things to come for getting ready for mister Joseph, I am going to have a 3d ultra sound the first week of march, and have my baby shower the second week of march. I have an appointment this friday, and than one every week after that, he will be here soon. I am still working and will until he comes than I will take a little break and hopefully jump back in to working, Jerry will have to come to terms that he will not be the only one that need mom's attention but he is going to a big pug party in May which I am super excited about. There I think I covered it all

Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Just a Number

I am really big in to numbers, I like them to go together some how, it is kind of an OCD thing but not as bad. So of course I am going to think long and hard on the numbers/birthday for the baby since I get to pick it kind of. Joseph is due in the 15th of April and I think that sounds like such an ugly birthday, I have 6-6-88 and Brian has 12-12-83, my birthday also adds up to how old I am turning, so my next birthday is 6-6-10 and those numbers added up it 22 and that will be my age, ps I am not the devil but my 18th birthday was 6-6-06. So I can choose a week before Joseph is due, here is what I wanted 4-4-10 or 4-6-10 (cause 4 plus 6 is 10, and on his tenth bday his date will be 4-6-20 and half of 20 is ten) or 4-10-10. Here is what I was told the 4th is Easter, the 6th is too soon, and the 10th is a Saturday and they don't do surgeries on Saturdays, they said pick between the 8th or 9th. I was so disappointed with all those days, but than I thought on it and decided the 9th cause it looks good 4-9-10 and it rolls off the tongue, and it is 20 days before Abigail's (4-29-09 her's sounds better but oh well) also my mom pointed out it is a week and a day before hers. So I have decided on the 9th and the doctor told me she will see what she can do and I said um no I didn't get my other dates I will have this one, and because it's on the 9th I do not have to get a needle in my belly, dodged that bullet twice. But I am going in next week to get an ultra sound, it is to make sure he is growing as he should be, since the doctor measure my belly and it was the same size as two weeks ago. Now I didn't know if that was a bad thing, but she said that if you are with in a couple inches of the weeks that you are than it's okay, but just to make sure I will be getting an ultra sound. Since I measured a little big last time my husband thinks that I am all caught up now so there is nothing to worry about.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh No

Well I had a bit of a scare but all is well. So I have been working at a day care as a sub and surprisingly getting more hours than I would have thought, but while I am enjoying working with the kids and being around all the ladies again Joseph is not liking it, he has decided to put pressure on my cervix. By pressure I mean not a little but a lot I couldn't even roll over in bed with out hurting, I called the doctor's nurse to see if there was something I could do it make it go away, she told me to just go home a lay down and relax. That was Wednesday, so Thursday I worked and the pressure was really bad and than at night I had some fake contractions, so of course I automatically called my mom who in return told me to call the doctor again, called she told me to come in the next morning. I go in and they listen to Joseph's heart beat and after about a minute he decides he has had enough of that and kicks the little machine right off my belly, which made me feel a little better knowing he didn't like them to do that either. Anyways the nurse told me that is common to feel the pressure with a second kid and that I needed to just relax and everything would be okay. I was happy and relieved to find out that nothing was wrong, but a little annoyed to think that there is nothing they can do about this pressure, and they told me I would not only be getting checked of diabetes (where you have to drink that nasty sugar water) next appointment I will also be getting a shot in my butt oh goodie I am really excited about my next appointment now. moral of my babble Joseph wants me to just sit on the couch and watch tv all day long :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting your already jealous dog ready for a new baby. I wanted to make sure that the experience of a new baby coming would be good every one that includes Jerry dog, but he is not taking to it so well. Pugs are very people dogs meaning they would rather be around people than other dogs, so I looked up how to introduce your dog to a new baby and it all sound really easy. You just start setting things out that the baby will use, start with little stuff first like clothes, well Jerry loves clothes clean or dirty so I thought great he will love this part. Nope I was wrong he wouldn't go near the clothes I tries having him sniff them, no he just walked off. So next I put the stroller out and he completely avoided it, even when I pushed it around he ran off. And to make the situation worse Joseph kicks him every time he comes near my belly, Jerry was laying on my lap (which is half belly) and Joseph just gave him a good one two and let him know he was there. So now Jerry wont go any where near my belly he avoids it like it is the plague. And Jerry has begun to snuggle right up to me when he sleeps, like if I move a little bit away from him he will scoot right next to me, which he never did before. Jerry would snuggle with Brian but not with me, on the couch Brian, in the bed Brian, which wouldn't be bad but he sleeps like 90% of a day, I think he knows something is up. Now I am just waiting it out Brian said he will do just fine as soon as the baby comes but I know I am going to have to map out time in my day just for a snuggle with Jerry.

Monday, January 18, 2010


My new blog, okay here we go, I am pregnant with my second child a boy and it is way different than my first. So my first pregnancy allowed me to get out of the Air Force and leave Minot, ND behind for sunny Lompoc, CA where my husband was stationed. I gained the right amount of weight and felt the little flutter of a baby girl in my tummy. Now with my second pregnancy my husband has been tasked to deploy for nine months and I have gain the right amount of weight than some as allowing the little man room to jab, and kick me when ever he pleases. Though my first pregnancy was a breeze I had to have a C-section because she was breech, which at first I was not happy about but now I see a C-section is a blessing, and since we did not allow enough time in between the pregnancies I will have another C-section, which like I said I am so excited about because I do not have to go thru the whole wait till the you go in to labor and I do not have to have labor pains. Now preparing for the little man is a lot different, I have come to realize for ever three racks of little girls clothes there is one rack of little boys clothes, which in my option is poop. There is no clothes, and the cute clothes that there is Brian has bought in 6 month size so the baby can wear is when he gets back. But all complaints a side I am very happy that our little man is healthy and doing great.