Thursday, September 23, 2010


Moving day is here and I am so nerves but excited at the same time, today I move out of my apartment and tomorrow me, my dad, Joseph, and Jerry dog start our long drive down to CA. We will stop in Oregon for Friday night at my grandpa's house and than on Saturday drive down to Sacramento were Brian's parents will meet us and my dad will hop on a plane. From there we will stay for a night in Modesto and drive down to Lompoc on Sunday and than on Monday I get my house. Writing it down right now makes it seem like Monday will never come but I am going to take it day by day. I am not worried about Jerry he was great on the way up here, but I am a little worried about Joseph he is starting to tolerate the car better, he really only has a problem if he is hungry. I it's a little disappointing that this is my four time moving and each time Brian has not been able to help (lucky man) I hate to move and I hate to drive so I am probably going to be crabby, but on the bright side for this move I have decided to go off my diet so I will be eating "comfort" food so maybe I wont be so crabby.

My brother came over to help load up the truck this morning and Joseph wasn't up yet so Tyler decide he need to go back to bed till Joseph was ready to get up

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is Joseph laughing I tried to get his face but it was really hard to make him laughing and video tape him

Thursday, September 9, 2010

CA here we come, me, Joseph, and Jerry dog are moving back down to Lompoc, in just a couple weeks and I could not be happier. We got a house on base I have not seen it, but we look at floor planes online, and I can not wait to get down there and make this house our home. It will have two bedrooms, a "dent" (another bedroom), two bathrooms, a big kitchen, and a fenced in back yard for Jerry. I have just about two weeks before I leaving and I have already started to pack, I have 10 boxes so far and am over half way done. I am also excited to get down there because as soon as I get down there I only have a month to wait for my husband to get back. That's right his nine months are almost up and he will be coming back to grace us with his presents. He is so excited and told me I am not allowed to give Joseph cheerios, he wants to be the first to do it that is his only request and so he talks about it all the time, how he will be eating cheerios and can just give Joseph some too. We will be making some big changes and I am hoping Joseph will handle them with easy as he does with mostly everything else. He is such a great baby but has big stranger danger issues, I guess I should be happy, but he has a big problem with new people like he looks at them and than starts to cry and look around for me. I try to laugh it off and tell him it is okay but really I want to grab him and give him a hug and kiss and stop him from crying, it is a hard time for the both of us but we are getting better. So maybe by going down to CA and him meeting new people down there he will get better. I am so excited to start our adventure, though half way thru the drive I am probably not going to be so excited but for now I am EXCITED!!!!!!!