Friday, April 2, 2010

ONE MORE WEEK, that is what all I have till I get to meet my little boy. I am so excited and ready for him to come in to this world. My belly feels like I am bloated all the time and it takes me like 10 minutes to roll over in bed and I have to pee every time I stand up. Oh and Brian will most likely be here to welcome Joseph in to the world, he is leaving his base this Sunday and will hopefully be here by the 8th. Which I am so excited about, I will have all my boys with me I can not wait. I have nested and all is ready for Joseph to come home, and start his life. About a week after Joseph comes home, he will get to meet his other set of grandparents, Brian's parents will be coming up to meet Joseph and hang out for a little bit. I am can not wait to show my little boy off, though do not let that fool you I will not like to share or take turn holding him. Me and Brian have been going back and forth about who is going to get to get to hold him, we might just have to go with a schedule. We will see I am probably going to win since I feed the baby.

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