Friday, June 4, 2010

He is not even 2 months old and is already wearing 6 month onsies. He is a big boy and throws me through hoops every day. Joseph for most of the time loves his tummy time and has a very strong neck. He pees on everything still and now smiles after he does it, which in my book makes it okay cause of the his little smile. I am not liking the grab of anything his little fat hand can grab, I can not wait till he completely realizes that, that is his hand and that is him hit himself. He loves to skype with his dad, I think he is starting recognize Brian's voice, he already knows mine and for the most part stops fussing when I talk to him. We are trying to get on formula and refuse to take it unless he is really hunger and than he will only take 2 ounces which is a little frustrating, but we are working on it and hopefully soon he will be a formula baby. I do not have much to complain about though he sleeps very good at night 3 to 4 hours at a time which is great, so I get a pretty good nights sleep. He truly is a great baby and is growing and progressing so well. On another note Brian is doing fine, wishes he could be home with Joseph but is dealing with it, and is counting down the days till he can come home.

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  1. Oh sweet baby Joefish! He is so cute and chubby! I cant wait to hold him again!