Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 more weeks

The count down has started and we are gearing up for the birthday madness. I am so excited to finally stop having to say Josephs age in months. I always have to count out how many month is has been since he was born and some times I just blurt out a number, I get so confused when people are like oh my child is 16 months I sit there and count in my head uh just tell me that they are one or two, I don't go around saying oh I am 274 months old (yes I took the calculator out and did the math). On another note Joseph finally has two teeth, yes that is right he cut his two first teeth at the same time. They are the bottom front ones, and I must say he was really good about it I thought there was going to be a whole bunch of screaming and no sleeping but he got two ear infections and slept most of the time. He was super clingy but very well behaved. There was a list I had made for Joseph to do before his 1st birthday, get teeth and walk, he has the teeth now we are working on the walking. He is almost walking by himself I think maybe by his birthday he will do it, I think this because he is starting to dance and when he does this he lets go of what ever he is holding and balances for like 30 seconds or so than he grabs on again, very soon I have a feeling of it.

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