Friday, February 26, 2010


I had the best week this week, I got three phone calls from my husband when I was only expecting one. I get like a little girl when I realize that it's him. He called on Monday from Ireland and that was a little weird cause the phone number was 334443 something, than he call on Wednesday from a Minot number which I almost didn't pick up, and than yesterday I got a 1999 number, but no matter the number I have been directed to pick up, cause he could be calling from any number. Brian is now in Afghanistan and will go to his base in the next couple of days to start change over and relieve the people that are already there. He seems so relaxed about all of this, where I am not even the one over there and am still nervous. His only complaint was on Monday were he had to take a cold shower, and yesterday he slept through dinner, can you imagine being over there and your only complaints were that you got a cold shower and missed a dinner. He always asked how I am doing and what's going on, and all I want to talk about is what he is doing and what's going on over there. So a couple things he will be doing that I do not think I could ever do, walking around the villages with no body armor on, this is so the villagers don't feel threatened (I think), eat their food over there, he has to eat with his hands out of the same plate as every one, can you say gross. And really just being over there, his base is not big at all, it does even have a place that they can buy toiletries he is going to have to order them online, but he seems to be looking forward to it, and that's what amazes me the most. But he is not all self less he knows that after he gets back he will have the money to do things to his truck that he really wants to do, and I feel that he deserves it, as long as I get a new couch and bed room set :) So now that I don't know when he is going to cal I have to carry my phone every where but if that means I get a couple of minute to talk to him that's what I will do. Please keep him in your prayers as he starts his adventure (I call it that cause deployment sounds so negative)

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  1. What a nice post!!!! I would rather die that eat out of a community plate with my hands - nasty!